Affiliate Incubator Quick Start Guide

How to Make Money as Our Affiliate

What is an affiliate?  An affiliate is a sales person who sells products via the internet.  An affiliate is paid a commission for every sale that they make.  Thousands of people make great incomes selling and promoting others products online.

A company sets up an affiliate program which gives affiliates a unique URL that can be used to send traffic to their website.  If a visitor from an affiliate purchases something from that website, the affiliate will earn either a percentage of the commission or a flat fee.

The ability to make money online has helped many people.  If you are tired of punching the time clock, disabled, or retired, or have any other desire to be able to work from any location- the Internet can provide an excellent source of income. Talk about Freedom!

Figuring out exactly how to make money can be challenging if you are trying to do it by yourself.  You have come to the right place for the right help.  Affiliate Incubator was created to help you be successful online.  We have a financial desire for you to be as successful as possible.  As you sell our products you make money.

We have several tools that are available for you to promote our products. You can find them under “Product Tools”.

Continue reading for help in becoming a Super Affiliate for us, and put money in your bank!


How To Get Started

You can promote through a new or existing web site:

One of the first things that you need to do is to build a List:


Build a List

If you’ve been online for any amount of time, I’m sure you have seen it all.  People will teach you how to create a webpage, and how to drive traffic; but what trumps all that is your list. No matter what happens online with Google’s algorithms, a big list is what will help you be the most successful affiliate.  You want to create a list of people who are interested in a similar niche.  For example, if I want to sell information to aspiring internet marketers, then I am going to build a list of internet marketing hopefuls.

A list is powerful.  When you’re selling a business, people won’t look at what products you have, or how much money you’ve made in the past.  The only thing potential buyers are interested in is your number one asset….your customer list.  This is because the list is what gives your business an actual asset to make money.


Squeeze Page

Set up a squeeze page.  You can get your free squeeze page at When people are searching for your information and product, you set up a page where they must enter their name and email address in order to get the information.  Your squeeze page must have four necessary items:

  1. An attention grabbing headline
  2. A benefit list of why someone should give you their name and email address.
  3. A call to action telling them what to do and why
  4. An offer- what are you giving them in exchange for their name/email address.

Remember the power is in the list…


Email List

An email to your list is an excellent way to promote a product.  To make it easier we have some emails ready for you to use.  The people on your list will appreciate your recommendation.  Make sure that you understand your list.  Send them products and information that can really value them.  In the email you will include your affiliate URL that if clicked will take them to the sales page.  If they purchase from the sales page then you will get credit for the sale.



A blog is a great tool that you should use in making money as an affiliate.  A good way to drive traffic to your blog is to write 2 to 3 good content newsletters/articles each week. Instead of emailing your article to your list, post it on your blog.  Write a short email for your list telling them about your article, and include your link to your blog in the email.  You can submit your article from your blog to article directories to help drive traffic.


Product Reviews

Many affiliates make money reviewing other people’s products and promoting the ones that they like.  You could set up a product review site, or have a product review section on your blog.  You would focus on driving traffic to your site or blog, and listing the pro’s and cons about various new products.  Russell’s new friend “Zoobie” reviews products on his blog.  A product review page is easy, and can help you sell a lot of products if done correctly, and your list trusts your recommendations.


Forums and Message Boards

Forums are a great place to find active congregations of your target markets.  Here are 3 ways to use forums to drive traffic to your website.

  1. Purchase advertising space on the forum.  Many forum owners have ad space at the top of their forums.  It’s a good way to find a targeted base, and drive traffic to your site.
  2. Becoming part of the community can help build your status as an expert in that industry. Do not post blatant ads on the forums, but you can usually include a signature file that can drive people back to your squeeze page. If people appreciate your posts, they may look to you as an “expert” in your particular niche.  Also a good way to brand yourself.
  3. Forums and message boards provide an excellent opportunity to network with others in your particular niche.


Promoting Products

It is important for you to differentiate from what others are selling.  As an affiliate you are competing against several other affiliates, in selling the particular product or service.  You must be creative in what products you promote, and how you promote them.  What extra bonuses can you through in the package to sweeten the deal?  Can you convince the seller to give your buyers an extra bonus?

Choose the right products for your list.  Yes, you will make a bigger commission on our higher priced products, but they are harder to sell.  If you are starting out, look to promote some of our less expensive products.  As you increase your sales, your list will be ready for the bigger, more sophisticated products.

We offer both information and software products.  People love to get good information.


How Often Do I Get Paid?

You can plan to be paid approximately 30 after a sale has been generated. Once a customer is “out of the refund period”, then you will be issued your commission payment on the next scheduled pay date. We pay affiliates on the 10th of the month for all commissions greater than $25.  It is important to know when and how often you can expect your check.  We recognize that you work hard for those commissions, and the least we can do is get your commissions paid on time.  Be sure to send us your W9 Tax form if you reside in the U.S. or a W8 form if you reside outside of the U.S.  This is very important. We are unable to send out your commissions until we have this on file.   Please fax these forms to: 888.250.4863 or email to: brent (at) successetc. com.

You can choose how you would like to be paid.  Your choice is via paypal or physical check.


Not The End, Only The Beginning

These tools and suggestions are merely that, tools and suggestions.  You are the one who must implement these into your business.

The biggest obstacle standing in your way is yourself.  Set goals, and dedicate yourself to those goals.  You may not turn into a “super” affiliate overnight, but with experience and dedication and (a list), you may be on your way to making a nice income online.

Make sure to create a business plan that outlines your business, and sets goals and objectives to meet.  Like a wise man once said, “those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. Do it Today!!